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With over 20 years skating experience including playing internationally, Skate Britain is ran by true skate experts. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are more than happy to share our expert knowledge and advice to make sure you make the best choice for your skating goals.

Skate Britain bring you the best skating products for roller derby and roller hockey at the lowest online prices.



Roller Derby Starter Packages

Our starter packages for roller derby offer a variety of our most popular skate, helmet and pad combinations which are perfect for new skaters and freshmeat. Our packages are designed to suit every budget, the higher priced packages provide you with longer lasting equipment that you won't “outgrow” as quickly as the budget starter packages so it's worth bearing that in mind when deciding on your equipment.


Freshmeat Skates

The most popular starter skates are Riedell R3s, and Sure-Grip GT50s. Riedell are the skates of choice for many skaters with narrow feet, whereas Sure-Grip are better for wider feet. The most important factor for choosing your skates is fit, you want to have a good fit on your skates. It's best practice to go for a size smaller than you normally would because they will wear in after a few hours of training, if you go for skates that are a comfy fit when you get them then they will end up even bigger when you've worn them in. If your foot is sliding inside your boot you will have reduced power and control of your skates. We are based in Oswestry near Shrewsbury and customers are welcome round to try skates on, we can also bring skates and equipment to try at our bootcamps or when we have stalls at games. Message us on skatebritain@gmail.com to find out when we will next be in your area.

Knee Pads & Pad Sets

If you're planning on starting out with one upgrade it's always best to go for the best kneepads you can afford. The Scabs and 187s are brilliant pads that will look after your knees really well and should survive the hammering they'll get during your freshmeat training well into your season of bouting.

Derby Skates

We are stockists for all of the major roller derby skate brands including Riedell, Sure-Grip, Antiks, Vanilla, Bonts, Jackson, Meneghini and Luigino to name but a few.


Riedell has been a leading provider of roller skates for over 70 years. They cater for every level of skater with rookies and freshies starting off with the R3 through to international skaters skating on custom colour 951s.


SURE-GRIP prides itself on skate design and manufacturer that are durable and of high quality which can take the beating from any derby game. Their GT50 and Rock Collection are great starter skates, and the Rebel boot is one of the most comfortable on the market.


Antik’s boots are designed by Mo Sanders “Quadzilla” and hand made in the USA by experienced craftsmen. Antik prides themselves on a staff of experienced employees with decades of experience making skate boots. They use the highest quality materials to make the most comfortable, durable skate boot on the market.


Vanilla skates are perfect for beginner skaters to advanced skaters and are used in jam skating, speed skating, derby skating, and rink skating.


Bont invented heat moldable boots, and was the first company to make skates where the blade and frame could be adjusted on the boot. They're designed to be light and are one of the lightest boots out on the market.

Jam Strap

We're the only UK stockist for the Jam Strap, a power strap designed to keep your feet secured into the heel of your boot. They'll help prevent heel slip and give you more power, agility and control of your skates.

Roller Derby Wheels

We offer the very best quality roller derby wheels, whether you're after indoor or outdoor wheels we have the right ones for you.

Dual Durometer Wheels

We are proud stockists of the two major dual durometer brands, Faster Wheels and Morph Wheels. Faster Wheels are the original durometer wheel and have an aluminium hub, they are extremely high in quality and built to last with replaceable tyres.

Outdoor Wheels

We highly recommend the Sure-Grip Motion outdoor wheels for derby skaters. When skating outside be sure to skate with one foot in front of the other to absorb the bumps in the surface, the Motion wheels are 65mm in diameter and soft so they will give you a smooth ride outdoors.