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Sisu Mouldable 1.6 Aero mouth guards

Product Code: sisu1.6
Product Brand: Sisu
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Sisu has developed the first thoroughly scientifically-tested mouth guard that is 30% stronger than conventional mouth guards. Yet the ultra thin (1.6mm) design allows you to drink, breathe, and talk while wearing it, so you can communicate more effectively with your teammates during practice and games.

The Sisu Mouth Guard forms easily to your teeth using a simple boil-and-bite process. It stays in place, and doesn't give you that bulgy mouth guard face! The Sisu Mouth Guard is even designed to prevent germ transfer from dirty hands.

The new 'Next gen' version is now available here 


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Derby Junkie
The South
I love this mouthguard. I have weird wonky teeth, and hate the gagging feeling that cheaper mouth guards give, but this one is so comfortable that a couple of times I''ve left practice forgetting it''s in my mouth!

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