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Gumball SUPERBALL Toe Stops

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Gumball toe stops have been the number one toe stop for roller derby skaters for a number of years. 2015 has brought some exciting new changes to a modern classic and the result is the all new Superball!

Previewed at RollerCon, the Superball has a MASSIVE surface area as recent market research has shown that this is what skaters of today were looking for - a wider base to offer more stability, the option to stop immediately and a way to 'glide' when skating backwards.

The Superball toe stop features the same ground breaking technology as we saw with the Reckless Morph wheels by utilising two different rubber hardnesses! The main surface of the Superball has been crafted with a harder rubber compound to allow for more gliding and the softer 'inner pads' are designed to bring you to an immediate stop. 

If as a skater the weight of your skates is an issue, Antik have offset the weight of the extra material used in the surface of the Superball toe stop by incorporating a hollow stem without sacrificing on strength and as with all Gumball toe stops, they are available in a short (17mm) length and a longer (30mm) length and like with the GUmball V2 toe stops now feature different coloured stems on every one!



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David  /  Cumbria

After completely shredding my stock toe stops within the first 5 mins, I realised the importance of a good quality pair. Quite a few members of our team were using these, and highly rating them. I tried a few different stops and settled on these. I was a bit worried about the sheer size of them at first; I thought they might get in the way and cause a few inadvertent stumbles, but this hasn't been the case. If you like running on your toe stops a lot, these are awesome. You can really power into your strides, and feel much more confident about it too. The grip is fantastic and the large flat surface area seems to help disperse the pressure around the front of your foot, keep you more level, and presumably help prevent any ankle problems/twists.