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Kizer Frame Type X

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Kizer Type X frame picks up where the Xsjado Mook frame left off.

The Kizer Type X frame is unique because it allows you to grind in almost any direction or angle due to the large grinding area being multidirectional. Where traditional H-blocks and anti-rocker wheels would go, the Type X frame has a large smooth underside that is angled towards the center so that locking onto tricks is not only easier but also more efficient. If you have never experienced a freestyle frame such as the Kizer Type X then you should give them a try, especially at a skatepark. They tend to shine on coping because of how smooth they slide and how the groove locks onto coping (no antirockers rubbing the wood, and they auto lock because of the wide H-block).

So for groove tricks, the Kizer Type X offers a different feel, but what about the soul side? The Type X is contoured in such a way that only the plastic by the axles (where the graphic is absent) touches the surface and the inner part of the frame recesses in. This decreases the surface area and makes soul grinds smoother and faster. The bottom of the Type X frames are bevelled right out of the box so cess slides and royals do not suffer from any hard boxy edges touching the ground.

The Kizer Type X frame is extremely lightweight and refined for additional strength. You now have the means to evolve.

Small = UK 5 - 8 
Large = UK 8.5 - 13

* Please note only the red is available in the Large size at the moment. Black & White in large are pre-order only!
​​​​​​​Which may take up to 2 - 3 weeks 

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