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Powerslide Next PRO 90 UK2-4

Powerslide Next PRO 90 UK2-4
Powerslide Next PRO 90 UK2-4
Powerslide Next PRO 90 UK2-4
Powerslide Next PRO 90 UK2-4
Powerslide Next PRO 90 UK2-4
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This is a custom set of skates perfect for smaller feet. We think 3x90mm is a better size for the wheel base on this size skate. The Next boots have been fitted with Powerslide Katana frames and Spinner 90mm wheels

The boots is Dark Grey and Black with White wheels

 Powerslide Next  Skates prove yet again Powerslide's ambition to keep the world rolling. 

Whether you have heard about the Powerslide Next Skates skates or not, you may want to read on about the latest Megacruiser you can strap to your feet. 

What's all the fuss about? Since it's release in 2018 the NEXT skate has been high in demand, with justification too. It was the first hard shell boot to adopt the Trinity mount, giving an urban skate better power transfer, distributing weight evenly, reducing road vibrations and lowering the overall centre of gravity. This is highly recommendable if you want to try performing tricks in a big wheel setup.

The rockerable cuff provides adjustable ankle support and the dual fit MyFit RECALL fully heat mouldable liner with memory foam ensures you get a perfect fit.

Is a hard shell the way to go for me? Integrated boot/liners have their place, sure. But, that does not mean the humble hard shell and removable liner should be ignored. What you get is a strong and stable all round feeling, with increased shock absorption for a smoother experience. Powerslide hit a stroke of genius combining this with a TRINITY mounted frame and MyFit memory foam liner, both providing the power transfer needed, making sure you get the best of both worlds. 

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