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POWERSLIDE Next Renegade SUV 125 off road skates

POWERSLIDE Next Renegade SUV 125 off road skates
POWERSLIDE Next Renegade SUV 125 off road skates
POWERSLIDE Next Renegade SUV 125 off road skates
POWERSLIDE Next Renegade SUV 125 off road skates
POWERSLIDE Next Renegade SUV 125 off road skates
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The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 has “off road” in his DNA. 

The Powerslide Next Renegade is the first of its kind – the first TRINITY 3-point mounting hard shell inline skate in the world. 
The Powerslide Next Renegade 125 SUV skate with its 3x125mm set up is made for unbeatable fun. Thanks to the patented TRINITY 3-point mounting this inline skate offers great stability, control and power transfer. The lightweight and very agile 3x125mm setup is perfectly suited for BMX trails and big air sessions in the dirt park. The strong aluminum extruded and CNC machined frame is very reactive and easy to handle. The Next Renegade comes with a unique MYFIT Recall liner. The inner boot is made of a combination of foams including memory foam to give a very comfortable feeling. The liner covers two sizes and can be heat molded to customize the fit. The Renegade is at home on and off roads and can be either used for thrilling action skating or an intense full body workout wherever you are in the world.

Boot/Shell: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic; Trinity

Liner: MY FIT Fat Boy Recall liner, Dual Fit;

Frame: 11.6" PS Renegade 3x125mm Trinity; aluminium

Wheels: V-Mart air tire 125mm;

Bearings: Wicked rustproof; 608

Brake: Cuff brake optional; not included

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Rated: 4 / 5
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Richard Owens  /  Stoke, UK

I got these amazing skates back in March with the view to go out on disused railway lines/ converted cycle tracks with my wife. Having been out in them fairly regularly for some time now (on poor quality tracks, cobbled paths and asphalt), I'm in better position to give a useful (hopefully) review.

There are (as you would expect) good points and bad points.... and a mix of OK points thrown in for good measure.

For reference, I am a UK size 10.5 with a fairly wide foot and the EUR 45-46 fits perfectly. The length is snug and doesn't cause pinching or discomfort in any way.

The Bad...

When I first got them, I had a couple of tyres that failed on me. The valves just seemed to give up the ghost at 7 BAR (recommended Max by Powerslide) so it was like pouring water into a bucket that had no bottom. Fortunately, Powerslide were very good and replaced both without a fuss. As it happens, I suspected they weren't able to take 7 BAR and lowered it down to 6 BAR. I've had no issues since, despite being on some pretty rough terrain. The slight loss of pressure will reduce rolling speed but actually improves ride quality.

Pumping up... I have to admit, this is a nightmare. I first tried to use a standard bike pump but because there is so little air in these tyres, you lose all of the pressure the moment you disconnect the pump. I then got a Topeak adaptor with a non-return valve. It’s very tricky to screw onto the ends of each valve due to the close proximity to the wheel wall. After some effort, it is possible to get to the right pressure... it takes a long time and oh... there's another 5 of them to go! Fortunately, they don’t lose much pressure over time.

The OK…

I baked the fatboy liners for a custom fit when I had them from new. Despite that, I sometimes get a painful pressure point on my inner ankles. On other occasions, this disappears and I still can't work out what's causing it. It's not a major cause for concern and I think I'll try re-baking my liners.

They're heavy. The going is already tough with these but retracting your foot after a push makes the top of your glutes ache after a while.

The mini ratchet buckles around the ankle aren’t completely suited to really tighten. One of my straps now has a wear part where the ratchet has slipped and worn down the toothed strap. I’ll have to get it replaced. Since that, I’ve been careful not to over-tighten them. The top strap works wonders so no worries there.

The laces are pointless. The boot is so stiff that the laces don’t actually have any effect and seem to be there for cosmetic purposes only. However, the boot is still nice and tight.

The tyre rubber compound does seem to wear reasonably quickly on smooth surfaces. It’s tricky to judge because I don’t know how many miles I’ve done – perhaps 50-70ish? The tread has worn off the inner surface of the front wheels so I need to rotate them round.

It’s very hard to do parallel stops or powerslides. Drag/ T stops are really the only viable option for my skill level.

The Good...

Wow - these are FUN. You get great power transfer from the long wheelbase and they will ride over some pretty rough surfaces. The pneumatic tyres take away most of the vibration you would normally get giving you a comfortable ride.

They will go over lots of different surfaces – loose chippings, hardened mud tracks, concrete, dried out grass, rough asphalt. They just won’t go over sand or anything loose (like deep sand) or swishy (like deep mud)! As for asphalt, they grip like nothing else so you can really stretch out and never lose grip.

They look amazing. They're big, brash and demand attention. They're the 'Hummer' of the skate world and I've had several people comment on them.

Despite the occasional pressure point on the inside on my ankles, these are very comfortable. The fatboy liners do provide lots of padding which are essential with such a firm boot structure. They’re also a great fit – the proportions of length and width are just right providing even ‘firm’ support all round.

They’re great for fitness. As you lose some gliding momentum due to the air tyres you do have to work harder to keep a good speed and you can maintain a good cardio workout. I tend to do 150-190 heartbeat rate for about an hour session. That said, if you’re happy to go a bit slower, it gets easier!

Despite the additional height on 125mm wheels, due to the stiffness of the boot, your ankles don’t ever feel floppy. You always feel like the frame/tyres are solid and you have full control.

I just love them and am delighted I got them! 

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