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Powerslide swell black 100 trinity roller skates - are reliable, light and very comfortable skates that will improve your performance and provide a completely new skating experience. the skates were created on the basis of the technology of elite racing skates and are suitable for even the most demanding fitness skaters.


- Cuff: powerslide swell, shell with the addition of fiberglass and patented myfit 3dap technology (foam with four different layers for maximum comfort)
- Tying: flat laces, buckle and velcro strap
- Frame: powerslide elite magnesium casted trinity 3x100mm (255mm)
- Wheels: undercover 100mm / 85a
- Bearings: wcd freespin abec 7
- Brake: habs (height adjustable)
- Powerslide inline skates - Swell Black 100 Trinity Inline skates are the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication.
- They come with a Trinity mount for better power transmission and greater stability. In addition, they have a light and strong upper and a redesigned softboot shell.
- The skates also have Recall fit memory foam, which provides excellent comfort and support.
- They have 100mm/85A large wheels, fast Wicked Freespin Abec 7 bearings and a height-adjustable brake.
- 3-wheel skates combine dynamic riding, agility and skating pleasure like no other skate, as they are lighter, faster and lower.
- The bigger the wheels, the more important the control and support over your skates.
- TRINITY takes skating to a new level. Skates with a three-point TRINITY fastening far exceed the standard fastening. TRINITY skates have the lowest possible center of gravity. As a result, they are easier to control and more reactive.
- Overall, you are also faster and more agile thanks to better power transmission.
- Knitted fabric for inline skates is an ultra-light and breathable high-performance material reduces weight and adapts to different foot shapes.
- Thick waxed and flat laces are connected to metal eyelets that pass through a heavily knitted upper to transfer all the pulling force.
- As a result, keep your foot locked in place without any pressure points. In addition, thanks to the integrated 45 ° strap, the still common problem of lifting the heel is solved, which leads to a perfect transfer of power and an advanced feeling of the skate.
- Undercover 100mm/85a wheels are not only faster, but also provide maximum grip and power transmission and durability.


Swell Black 100 - 3D Adapt

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