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Riedell blue streak

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Riedell Skates are pleased to announce the release of the Blue Streak Boot. Designed for roller derby and quad speed skating in collaboration with top skaters, every detail of the Blue Streak has been critically examined, with improvements, refinements, and enhancements at every corner and layer.


This is currently available as boot only in width B/AA.

 listed in Riedell / US sizes 


  • Hand made in Riedell’s Red Wing, MN facility, utilizing over 65 years of knowledge and expert craftsmanship


  • Special sizing and widths available on request.


  • Innovative split quarter pattern based on our Model 195 in the toe area and our Model 595 in the heel area


  • Soft and supple black Kango-Tan leather on quarters and tongue


  • Full grain leather lining throughout the entire boot offers unmatched durability and comfort


  • Genuine Shearling tongue lining backed with a thin layer of foam for ultimate comfort


  • Convenient “finger loop” backstay made from white leather allows you to easily slide on your skates


  • Durable nylon snug tie securely tightens the Blue Streak around your ankle


  • 2 slit “Fox” tongue with ergonomic U-shaped top designed to reduce tongue rotation while skating


  • High density blue EVA foam midsole provides shock absorption and cushioning


  • Premium white waxed laces for secure lacing

  • Packaged in a unique heritage box along with cloth tote bag


Plate fitting is available 

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Roller Derby
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Tess Robinson  /  London

These are the Riedell/Fast Girl Skates Blue Streak boot. You can find a list of specs on any skate shop website that sells them but I want to go into them in a bit more detail.

First of all the kango-tan leather, Riedell have stated that “Kango-Tan leather is cowhide that is tanned a certain way to mimic the sheen and feel of Kangaroo leather. It’s also a bit thicker and more durable than genuine kangaroo leather.” It really is soft! You can definitely tell the difference from the full-grain leather of other riedell boots like the 495 and rivals the softness of the leather of my 2 year old 265s! However, they still hold firm. The lining is the standard Riedel full-grain chinook leather. These boots are notoriously easy to break in - hoorah! I’ve tried on regular 495s and they feel really stiff and rigid in comparison, and these belonged to a team mate who had already broken them in.

They have supportive counters in the right boot (inside and outside quarters, heel) and left boot (inside quarter and heel). There’s very little padding, none around the ankles and slight padding around the inside quarters above the counters.

The tongue seems to be reinforced with thicker leather (you can kind of see it stitched on in the picture) so the laces don’t wear it down and features shearling on the interior of the tongue which is really comfortable and soft as well as a thin layer of foam between the shearling and leather, the tongue has a slight “U” shape so that it sits nicely around your ankle. The toe-box is split and leave ample room for toes.

The laces are “premium” waxed laces. I love these laces. I find the stock laces that come with riedell boots to be quite thin, I tend to burn through them quite fast, but thicker (or wider) laces that you buy tend to look quite messy in my opinion. The thickness is great, besides the fact they are waxed for extra durability! I also love the style, white with blue flecks. You can also get the same laces in black with white flecks.

This boot has the leather backstay with finger loop. I like the design and the leather is really solid but the interior of the actual loop is lined with a weird plastic kind of material which is quite rough and fibrous and annoying. I’m sure this will get broken in though. This boot also features the durable nylon heel strap snug-tie. I really like this feature! Especially with my personal loss of the speed strap as featured on all of my past boots (Riedell R3 and 265), I love the way this secures your ankle. It strikes me that this snug-tie is more practical than the heel-locking system on the 495 boot many of my team mates with the 495 don’t use it, and when Kamikaze Kitten (London Rollergirls, Riedell Superstar) designed her 495 boot she opted to have this version, the nylon snug-tie rather than the heel lock that comes on stock 495 boots.

I didn’t realise this before, but found out that the blue (streak!) midsole actually has a purpose. Before I shallowly believed it to only serve a cosmetic purpose in distinguishing it from other riedell boots! The blue midsole is made of EVA foam which is surprisingly soft.

This high density foam is the same used in things like ski boots, boxing gloves and hockey pads. This feature is something that has gone widely un-marketed for a reason I’m unsure of! The only place I’ve seen actually advertising the feature is Double Threat Skates, London. It just adds to the comfort and durability of this boot.

The sole of the boot is flat for the most part, with a slight raise in the heel. I really like the natural finish of the leather outer sole, I think it looks great against the black leather of the quarters.

I think those are pretty much all of the boot’s features. Some cosmetic features (to be really thorough!) include the metalic logo stamp on the side of the boot, on my boots the colour of the stamp is slightly inconsistent - not sure if this is intentional but there are two different colours of blue. This isn’t something I’m particularly bothered about though, I expect the logo will rub off with wear anyway.

So, some slightly more technical aspects of the boot. The eyelets for the laces are white. The outersole is stitched/nailed and cemented to the boot and is made on the B/AA Delta last which is considerably narrower than other riedell boots but is the same last as the 495. The boot comes stock with the thin, foam riedell insole. I find these rather flimsy, and it is actually too wide in the heel for this boot so I expect makes it even narrower in the heel. I would recommend trimming it down or purchasing some that are a better fit. I also received a Blue Streak Skates canvas tote bag with my boots!

You can read more about these boots and see some images on my blog