Roller Derby - A Popular Entertainment Sport That Still Turns Heads

The history of roller derby can be traced back to the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century when it used to be a favorite entertainment event featuring competitive endurance races. Famous event venues used to host roller derby events on a regular basis. And it didn’t take much time for roller derby events to get airtime on radio and TV. It continues to be a successful entertainment sport. The formation of a number of all women’s leagues is a testimony to the fact that roller derby is not only famous amongst men but women as well. There are more than a hundred roller derby leagues in the UK alone, while the figure is more significant when it comes to the number of such leagues in the entire world. 

So, it is likely that you are a part of a roller derby league in your area. Though knowing the rules and having the right skills are necessary to be a part of it, but undermining the importance of outdoor roller skates used in roller derby could land you in big trouble. If you want to entertain others and make yourself a part of a winning team, it is imperative for you to know about the right skates for roller derby. You must understand that it is a different activity to all of the others you have done wearing skates. It is not just a race - it’s a contact sport - so you would need outdoor roller skates that can offer you the right balance and the ability to move around without feeling the ‘contact’ of others.